Error in Practice Lab 1 in C2W1

Unable to understand what this line means, showing in grader output:
“We expected function my_dense_v to return type <class ‘tuple’>.”
In the doc strings, the return type of my_dense_v was listed as to (tf.Tensor or ndarray (m,j)).

I do not understand why is it being incorrect, even though all the test cases are passed.

The most common cause of this issue is if your code for my_dense_v() uses the sigmoid() function directly, instead of using the parameter function ‘g()’.

before returning your output, try using np.array() and pass your variable and then return it. if you still have a problem, send me your code privately.

i am new to coding and deep learning and not able to get the labs at all . how can i understand these codes

Hi @Chetna_Bahuguna, I would suggest you to first get familiar with coding in python language. And if you want to access the labs then you can either enroll in the paid course or apply for financial aid.