Error in the emojify assignment on my pc

w​hile running thr program on my computer it is showing a error on the line:


i​t shows a error:

import numpy as np
from emo_utils import *
import emoji
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import io
from test_utils import *
X_train, Y_train = read_csv('train_emoji.csv')
X_test, Y_test = read_csv('tesss.csv')
maxLen = len(max(X_train, key=len).split())
Y_oh_train = convert_to_one_hot(Y_train, C = 5)
Y_oh_test = convert_to_one_hot(Y_test, C = 5)
word_to_index, index_to_word, word_to_vec_map = read_glove_vecs('glove.6B.50d.txt')
word = "cucumber"
idx = 289846
print("the index of ", word, "in the vocabulary is", word_to_index[word])
print("the", str(idx) + "th word in the vocabulary is", index_to_word[idx])

Hi @safeer ,

If you have not downloaded that file ‘glove.6B.50d.txt’ to your computer, then when you run the program on your computer, the file is just no there. So that is the reason why you have an error.
If you wanted to run your code in your own computer, you need to download all the files. Here is how to do it:
from your opened jupyter notebook, on the top of the menu bar, click:
you will see all the files and subdirectory there. Just tick the file you want to download and select the download at the top.

i have downloaded all the files before running the program but if there is any file missing from the given list do let me know please… i think there is no issue of file but there is some other error

thank you for your time i resolved the error

How did you solve the problem?