Error in the prompts in Lesson 5: Inferring

I have observed that instead of triple backticks ``` as you mention in the prompt, you’d delimited
your text with triple quotes ‘’’ in the lesson 5 notebook i.e. Inferring. I suppose that was an error even though the model was able to spot the text being referenced – although it will fail in a different case. Take for example, if the prompts consisted of two text samples, with one delimited by triple quotes and the other delimited by triple backticks, the model would select the text delimited by triple backticks based on the current instruction.

For instance, the prompt below results in the response: Chubrian institutions, Politics, Reputation, Bias, Migration

prompt = f"“”
Determine five topics that are being discussed in the
following text, which is delimited by triple backticks.

Make each item one or two words long.

Format your response as a list of items separated by commas.

Text sample: ‘’‘{story}’‘’
Text sample: I am tired of the politics that has eaten deep into the Chubrian institutions. Chubri had a great reputation in the past for running offices\ homes, states, and most institutions without bias. In fact it was because of this apparent lack of partiality in running affairs that people all\ over the world were intially drawn to migrating to Chubri, but the the general perception has began to slowly change
response = get_completion(prompt)

{story} was ignored based on the instruction to use the text delimited by backticks.

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Hi Mustapha,

It looks like this has been resolved. Thanks for reporting!

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