Error in Week 1 Exercise 1 (Housing Prices) Coursera

Hello for everyone

In the assigment 1 on coursera Lab remember two things before get stressed sending the exercise more than 10 times and they get the answer “Your result differs with the reference solution for more than allowed 0.1 tolerance. Please try again!” as it happened to me
1- You do not need to convert the prediction to float
2- The answer should be similar to this
print (prediction, “hundreds of thousands”)

thanks for your attention

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There should be a note from the instructor specifying the output format. There are a lot of posts related to this exercise on coursera discussion forums as well.

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how about like that? what’s wrong with my code?

Looking at this notebook, house_model is a function that takes 0 arguments. So, invoke it as shown in the notebook to get model. Use model.predict to get the prediction.