Test Case Question for Graded Assignment

I am working on the ‘Housing Prices’ week 1 assignment. I misread the instruction to scale the housing prices to be in units of 1=1k. After I corrected this issue, it looks like a second test case is being run which tests another test value to the model which asserts models(10.0)=5.5. I must be missing something because I keep getting that the model should predict something close to 5 which my model predicts. Thank you for any direction you can provide.

Please share the screenshot of the grader feedback in the post. Here’s the community user guide to get started.

Price of a 10 bedroom house should be around 5.5 for the following reason:

  1. Base price of house = 50k
  2. Price for 10 bedrooms = 10 * 50k = 500k
  3. House price = Base price + price for 10 bedrooms = 50k+500k=550k (i.e 5.5 according to the model)

If your model predicts a number close to 5 and not 5.5, your code needs to be fixed. If that’s not the case, click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.