Tf c1 w1_a1

Kindly guide me…

I am not a mentor for that course.

However, the grader’s error message tells you that your code does not give the expected results for the test cases the grader uses.

One very common cause for this problem is if your code uses hard-coded values in places where it should use variables.

Hello Mexclan,

Did you read the statements or instructions given at the beginning? With a hint!!!

Your xs and ys value is incorrect.

If you notice it mentions 1st bedroom cost being 100k then 2nd bedroom cost being 150k. Further it mentions 7 bedroom cost is 400k.

Next in the hint section, they mentions to scale down the house price to make the network better. They clearly mention you don’t have to give answer to 400 but it might be better to create something to predict answer as 4 and then your answer is hundred of thousands.

How To Scale ys i.r.t. xs: So scale ys variable in the way you can get a single numerical variable result of 4 and not 400. Your increment to subsequent ys of 0.5 is correct but your first variable of xs (0) and ys (0.5) is incorrect. It’s mentioned to creating housing price from 1 to 6 bedrooms not 0 to 6. Also your 1st (xs) bedroom house price is 100k and not 50k (ys).

Also notice for 1(xs) bedroom cost is 100k, so in single numerical variable, your first value of ys would be again 1 and then increment 2 (xs) bedrooms to variable 1.5 and goes on till 6 bedrooms as per the conditions mentioned above.

Hope you got enough hints now.