C1W1_Housing prices assignment

Dear folks,

I’m unable to complete my assigned of week 1 (housing prices), when I try to run below cell
model = house_model()
it gives “Type error”.

Appreciate your kind assistance.

Kind regards,
Om Sundaram


Share screenshot of the error you are getting. Please don’t post any codes.

Om, can you scroll the error down and take a complete picture of the error.

Seems your issue with your xs and ys but I need to see complete error log. Select the error message and then scroll down and then take a screenshot.

Use loss=‘mse’ and not mean squared error

Dear Deepti, you are a doctor of deeplearning!
Many thanks, this really worked like magic. I was trying since last 4 hours with no result…
Thanks again!

Just another question my end result is coming 349 for y… I have taken below value for X,Y… is this correct?
x = 1,2,3,4,56,
y =50,100,150,250,300

Hello @omsundaram

Your y values are incorrect, kindly refer the below comment to make the correction (refer point 2 in the comment)

Let me know once your issue is resolved.


Hi @Deepti_Prasad
thank you for the kind suggestion.
I used below
x = {codes removed by moderator}
y ={codes removed by moderator}
and could get the result but I really didn’t understand the logic behind this. Appreciate if you may please explain.

Correct. Om just make sure not share direct correct answer on post threads from future.

The logic behind using y as a similiar numerical variable as x is to make the training model more feasible as the y value can be later resulted with multiples of 100.


Well noted @Deepti_Prasad , many thanks for your assistance!

Hello @omsundaram

The below screenshot from the assignment will explain for the choice of ys variable being modified


Well noted Deepti, many thanks : )