C1W1_Assignment Not Working

GRADED FUNCTION: house_model

def house_model():
codes removed as posting codes from graded cell is against community guidelines)

return model

Introduction to TensorFlow for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Week 1 Assignment Not Working

@nilosreesengupta please help

@Deepti_Prasad Please help

There are many threads related to the assignment you are having issue, as your topic lacks information about what is not working with your assignment, I can best suggest you to use search tool for Housing price assignment, refer those thread.

Also kindly refer the FAQ section to go through guidelines as

  1. You are not following community guidelines.
  2. You are not following code of conduct.
  3. You have not assigned the topic in the right category to get response from respective course mentors.
  4. You have not explained your issue briefly other than posting your codes from grade cell which is prohibited.

Kindly provide information if you have encountered error then share a screenshot of the error. If failing the assignment, then share a screenshot of submission grader output which gives detail on why you failed. If any doubt, explain briefly about the doubt.

Note: For this time, I am moving your thread to the right category. As you are beginner I sincerely suggest you to go through FAQ section for better use of Discourse community.

Sharing a similar link thread that might help you with your issue, let me know if you have any doubt?


Hello @Deepti_Prasad I have followed all the instructions of the thread. I am getting this error ´´There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:name ‘keras’ is not defined´´ This is a snapshot of my code:
![Image snapshot removed as learner kept posting codes from grade cell which is against community guidelines

Hello @Deepti_Prasad This is compiling error I am getting.

I just mentioned not to post codes and again you are doing the same. please follow community guidelines.

Also use search tool to find other similar threads, there is a similar older thread with the error you have got.

remember there is a difference between tf.keras and keras.layer

But first I want you to go faq section and go through guidelines as I see you are new beginner which help you on guiding better use of this discourse community with following code of conduct as well as to know what to post and not post.

Thanks a lot @Deepti_Prasad It is solved now. Very helpful your suggestion