Need help with the House Price Assignment!

Just ran it, and its saying…

  1. Get your trained model

  2. Model = house_model()

Typerror: house_model() missing 1 require positional argument: ‘y_new’

Help please

Hello can you share the screenshot of the error you got

Thank you so much for your reply. May I send you a screenshot early tomorrow please? I shut down for tonight about 30 minutes ago because its midnight where I am at. Thank you kindly

Yes you can whenever possible here on the post. Just share the screenshot of your error and not code.

Just to be clear I hope you have added your y_new or ys to the code line?

See the highlighted statement, basically creating a relation between your new_x and y_new. So in your, one need to mention both xs and ys with the epoch mentioned just before the code line. Hope this help.

Let me know once the problem is solved!!



Hello Amariah,

Can I know in your grader cell what have you mentioned you new_x and y_new as???

Please share the grader cell code via personal DM. Click on my name and then message. Do not post code here as it is against community guidelines.

Basically you have not defined your model with the right code. Let me have a look at your codes.


Hello Amariah,

I hope you have done DLS specialisation before doing TF specialisation as it helps you understand concepts better.

You got two errors

  1. Your error is because you didn’t define your new_x rightly as per the instructions given just above the place you write your code. You were suppose to write the code only for 6 bedrooms and not 13. See the image I have shared where it is highlighted compare to your grader cell. please note the numerical you selected are correct for xs and ys but they need to be only 6 in numbers and not 13.
  2. They have mentioned to use tf.keras instead of keras but they didn’t tell you to remove models (see again the attached image for this correction). you missed adding models.

Do these corrections.

I also noticed in your grader cell after ###END CODE HERE
it is mentioned as print(model.predict([4.0]))==== I hope this was not done by you as I don’t know if the assignment was updated since I did this assignment. I have shared the image of my grader cell and it is mentioned as return model. So in case you have done those changes kindly change it back to the way it was as it will not allow you to pass the grader.

One must know only the part between ###START CODE HERE to ### END CODE HERE can be edited. Sometimes even this section has some part of the code given from before which are not suppose to be removed. We are only suppose to write the code.

Please do all these correction and check if you have passed the assignment. Let me know once you have solved the issue.

All the best!!

Keep Learning!!!


I’m personally having an issue, as the following codeblock fails to run when testing on collab.

tf.keras.Sequential([keras.layers.Dense(units=1, input_shape=[1])])

The fix i get on colab is adding:

import keras

Does the auto grader have keras imported? Should i add it to my code for submission?

you are having issue for that code line because the code is incorrect. You don’t need to import keras but check if you recalled your model with correct codes and the hint for this is mentioned in the same post you have commented. Check carefully what you are missing with the image I have shared in the above post for the other learner.

Hello mam, I’ve rechecked several times but still getting an error ‘keras’ not defined. I have checked your screenshot and its still not working. Kindly, help me.

Where is your screenshot of your error. No one can guide or help without having a look at your issue. So kindly upload the screenshot of your error only and not code

Hi, thanks for reaching out Mam.
Solved with this line, “from tensorflow import keras”.
I’d request you to rectify this error and add this line to the immutable code. This would help people who are facing this issue.
Thank you,

Did you pass the grader? Good.
I already have completed this specialisation :slight_smile:

Yep, just completed week 1. I gotta complete this course before 20th September as it is our deadline for submitting certificate of this course. I’m going to be building AI project so they need relevant courses certificates. I will be building “Exam Assessment System” using NLP. The current system is automated examination with objective type questions (MCQs). My goal is to revive the descriptive answers in the examination system. Hopefully, this course will help me how to make machine learn efficiently. Does it?

It surely will help you to understand better as tensorflow is used image recognition, voice recognition, video detection and text based application.

TensorFlow is an open-source platform and framework for machine learning, which includes libraries and tools based on Python and Java, designed with the objective of training machine learning and deep learning models on data, which will again help you in managing your various assessment skills required in examination.

The best part about tensorflow is its adaptability in powerful add-on libraries and models to experiment in BERT.

One of my favourite instructor of this course Lawrence makes it more easy to understand each line of code while he shows results too.

Keep learning!!!

All the best!!!


Hello @jawadahmad_49 ,

Nothing is missing from the code.
The assignment wants you to learn using tf.keras

Check this.

With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

Hello @jawadahmad_49 ,

Welcome to the community!!

We are supposed to keep posts relevant to a topic. Kindly create a separate thread.

Check this to get started : Messages & Notifications
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With regards,
Nilosree Sengupta

Hello @Himanshu_Gusain1,

Check this post comment, notice what you are missing in your model code line compare to the screenshot I have shared.

Do other corrections as suggested in discussion.

Let me know if your issue is resolved. If still encountering any issue, let me know.


Hello guys, i have an issue with my code. please see the screenshot attached. Please who can help!


Kindly share the grader cell code by taking screenshot and send it via DM. Click on my name and then message.