Assignment 1

I am facing this issue.

How Can I resolve this issue?

I’m not a mentor for this course, but I would guess that there is an error in your code. It doesn’t give the expected results for the test case the grader uses. The grader uses different tests than those in the notebook.

Common reasons for this issue is if your notebook uses global variables instead of a function parameter, or if your code uses hard-coded index values where it should use a variable.

Hello, welcome to the community. I’d like to know if, following the suggestion from @TMosh , you were able to solve your issue. If not, feel free to send me your notebook via message. Simply click on my name, then “message,” and you can attach your notebook file. Afterward, we can discuss more details here in the post.

Helo @Kaleem_U_Allah,

I received your work and identified an issue in the definition of the input and output in the function house_model() .

A house has a base cost of 50k, and every additional bedroom adds a cost of 50k. This will make a 1 bedroom house cost 100k, a 2 bedroom house cost 150k etc.

The main part for constructing the array is in the excerpt above.

And what can help even more is the hint from the prompt:

Hint: Your network might work better if you scale the house price down. You don’t have to give the answer 400…it might be better to create something that predicts the number 4, and then your answer is in the ‘hundreds of thousands’ etc.

Try making these adjustments, and please let me know if you are unable to implement them.

Thanks for reply.
I am unable to implement. Can you provide the value of xs and ys which i use?

Thanks a lot.
I have passed the assignment.