Error in week 2 ex 8

passed all the test but can’t debug the follo

wing error

The argument list that you pass from model to optimize is not correct. Please compare your call to the function definition of the optimize function. You have omitted several arguments, which is what caused that error to be thrown. Note that the bug is not in optimize: it is that you called it incorrectly.

i found the error and corrected the optimize function but still i am getting the assertion error as

Hi @fatima_zahgeer, did you run all the cells from the beginning? I suggest you to restart the kernel and clear all the output—> save your work and then re-run all the cells from the beginning through shift+enter key. Hope, you get the desired output.

Take a look at the test cases by opening the file and you’ll see that the test for the predictions on the “test” values is one of the later tests. They’ve already confirmed that your cost values and your w and b values are correct. If your predict function passed its earlier test cases, then this suggests that you are simply passing the wrong arguments to predict for that case.