ERROR: Postprocessing: ffprobe and ffmpeg not found

I am coursing the short course LangChain Chat with Your Data

I am trying running my own local jupyter and it has worked fine, I have overcame every error I have encounter but this one has proven very complicated for me:

"ERROR: Postprocessing: ffprobe and ffmpeg not found. Please install or provide the path using --ffmpeg-location "

I have found solutions for when using yt-dlp or youtube-dl directly in linux or windows and all have to do with DLL and installing ffprobe and ffmpeg.

I have sucessfuly installed ffprobe and ffmpeg on my env in anaconda.

It seems this error is produced when using this part of the code:

“loader = GenericLoader(

And has to do something while using “YoutubeAudioLoader([url],save_dir)”, or more probably “OpenAIWhisperParser()”

According with what I have found in Internet, solution would be: " provide the path using --ffmpeg-location" but I do not know how to apply this environment in one of the methods mentioned above.

I hope community can help me with this problem. Thanks in advance.


When running jupyter notebook provided with the course in DeepLearining.AI another different error is displayed.

Code run fine until it reaches this part: “Transcribing part 1”

Then this error comes out:
"APIError: HTTP code 504 from API (

504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out


It will be nice if someone in the community help me with it too.



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Please check this post / solution, where you will find response for first part of my query:

The second part seems to be with access to OpenAI API which was temporarily unavailable. It ran fine in my own local jupiter notebook.