GenericLoader doesn't take ffmpeg_path

Running the code from L1- Document Loading in my local McBookPro, got stuck when creating the loader object of GenericLoader. Initially, loader required ffmpeg, which I installed with brew, but now cannot pass it to the object because init doesn’t allow ffmpeg_path=“path”. Tried both in YoutubeAudioLoader and in GenericLoader, with the same error message. Appreciate any advice.

I am on a Mac, but I was able to resolve this using the Terminal, and then running:

conda install -c conda-forge ffmpeg

That seemed to do the trick, though I did need to restart the kernel in my Jupyter notebook.

Also – this may be different depending what you are running - but I have Juypter running using Anaconda, so I did need to be sure I was in the right Anaconda environment when running that.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Kim, I applied it and worked just fine!

It worked just fine Kim. Solved, thank you!