Error: ValueError('shapes (2,1) and (2,) not aligned: 1 (dim 1) != 2 (dim 0)'),in practice assignment 3

This is the compilation error and its due to pre written code

The problem is in cell #17 and here is the code of cell #17

Hey @Aryavardhan_Singh_Ra,
It’s highly unlikely that the error is due to the pre-written code. The tests for each of the functions are not completely full-proof, since it is practically impossible to account for all the possible errors that one could get.

Please run all the cells in your notebook before submitting, and ensure that none of them throws an error. If you still get an error by the grader, do let us know.


Please post the entire error message you got from the grader, not just an image of the part that fits on one screen.

Errors thrown by the grader indicate there is an error in one of your functions.