Error with Backwards Pass


notebook id: lelqhxpq

I have been unable to complete this backwards pass successfully. I think there may be something wrong with my loop in step 2 but have been unable to solve it. I do not believe I can post code but have included my notebook id and tagged a mentor I saw giving out good advice on similar threads.

Hi @gennt,

My apologise for replying this late. I was on a vacation. But I’m back now. Is this something you still need help me ? Let me know.


@Mubsi Hope you had a great vacation. I was able in the end to pass this assignment by completing the other exercises.

Thank you,

I have another post on Course 3 assignment 1.

I am curious if you can take a look at my notebook there and see where I am going wrong.

lab id: cipyhmaf

original post (though I now pass this exercise) : Trouble with logic and syntax of generator