Error with test_get_noise

See screenshot, getting this error. Wondering if root cause is in earlier code blocks.

  1. In testing the generator, the very first statement does not work
    test_generator(5, 10, 20)
  2. In an earlier block this did not work
    Above line worked when i changed to 12,12

Hi Shreenivas!
Hope you are doing well.
I’m afraid that you have not implemented the previous block. get_noise function is returning “None” here which is set by default. You should edit the “START CODE HERE”-----“END CODE HERE” part. Also, from your query, I understand that you are modifying test functions if you don’t pass them, and that’s wrong. You should not modify test functions. Please make sure that you do your part correctly(learner implementation part). If you face trouble in that feel free to post your queries.
Have a great day.