Dead kernel in lab 1

I am attempting to complete the first lab of week 1 and my kernal keeps dying and I can not find out if my code throws an error. Is the kernel dying indicative of bad code on my end or a broken interface with coursera?


Hi @Mitch_Burcham,

Sometimes, errors or infinite loops in your code can cause the kernel to crash so please review your code. Additionally, Try restarting the kernel or using a different browser. I think this issue might be on Coursera’s end.

Hi Mitch,
Hope you are doing well. I wanted to ask you if the kernel dies when you try to run any particular cell in the notebook or whenever you open it.

It dies when I run the test_gen_block, seems like it is my code thats killing it.

I get an error from my get_generator

name 'get_generator_block' is not defined

Then when I run the test block the Kernel dies

It was definitely my code that was killing it. I changed it and it stopped happening. I am however still stuck on the input and output of the linear transformation. Any hints? I must be overthinking it

Input and output are just the input dimensions and the output dimensions that you want. Carefully note the parameters of the get_generator_block. You will have what you want.

Thank you!



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