Ethics in AI

Hi all,

I’m new to the community as well as AI/ML. So far, I’ve discovered many new things about AI/ML thanks to DeepLearning.AI’s courses and specializations. I’m also interested in learning about Ethics in AI, so I wonder if the team plans to launch a specialization on that topic.



Hi and welcome to the community! I’m not sure if there will be a specialization in Ethics in AI, but a book that I found interesting was “Sex, Race, and Robotics: How to Be Human in the Age of AI” by Ayanna Howard. Been awhile since I read this, but it is a good introduction to ethics in AI/ML.

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Awesome, thank you so much for your recommendation! I’ll definitely check it out :smiley:

I am also very interested in the ethical side— would be great to see a course on responsible AI. I am a law student who is very interested in the intersection between ai and law/policy—crucial at this moment in time but am finding there is a lack of courses or opportunities to get involved in this area

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Totally agree :raised_hands:

I’ve recently figured out this specialization that should be relevant to this topic.

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Hello everyone. If you search in Google “AI Ethics” The first result to be displayed is UNESCO, several universities, IBM and Wikipedia. I have not asked ChatGPT :wink: Like AI, AI ethics it’s a whole world to explore. All the future AI challenges we are facing are extraordinary. I started with ChatGPT to code Python and I am finding many new challenges. Welcome to the future.

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