AI Ethicist? Tips for a teacher changing careers?

Hey everybody!
I am a secondary school teacher (over 20 years -taught pretty much everything) who wants to explore the Ethics of AI, as a possible career change or to teach my students about. My main area where I lack experience is coding, but it seems with programs like ChatGPT that may not be such a big issue or if I could work with someone else to do the coding. Thoughts? I want to explore ways to help our world get better by incorporating AI into our daily life now and and into the future!
Jeremy Conn


I am also a beginner in learning about AI and ML, but I can give a few tips as per my understanding. Again, I might be wrong in some cases, so please correct me.

  1. you don’t need to learn extensive coding only the basics of Python will do I guess. As for AI, you will need to have an understanding of how different models work.
  2. You can start attending conferences and should join communities related to the field. websites like “AI EThics lab” and “Future of Life” might be a good start.
    Additionally, online courses, books, and research papers can be of great help.

Hope this was helpful!

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Hi @Jeremy_Conn

that’s really cool! Thanks for your question!

I recently saw this newly announced specialization: AI for Good Specialization - DeepLearning.AI, which seems to be a great fit for your plans. At the moment joining the waitlist is possible.

I believe practice is key - so I would suggest to get your hands dirty rather sooner than later. On this note, many fellow learners recommended this Python specialization which I would suggest to check out!

What worked really well for fellow learners and also me was to check on interesting concepts and academic papers w/ published code, e.g. on as well as playing around with algorithms and creating or adapting relevant models, see also some GitHub repos which contribute to the personal area of interest.

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