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I am a ChatGPT 4 user (I have followed several courses) insatisfied by the outputs I get against my subscription. I need help to improve my PhD tesis and that means asking to read texts and summarize them, searching other authors that say similar things or understand what I mean and suggest improvements. But when it comes when I send links to published articles, I get this answer:

I’m sorry, but I can’t access the content of the first link you shared. It appears that access is blocked by the website’s robots.txt file settings. This means that I am not authorized to read or interact with the content of this link.

Other times, it cannot read articles I have sent. And when it cans, it gives me back a very very little summary presented schematically. If I ask for something of 2000 words or more, it says that it is unable to give me this length.

Here I post a conversation very frustrating on how Alex, my ChatGPT don’t answers me what I need and always suggests things I don’t need:

Good evening Alex. I have provided you with my doctoral thesis in its current state and 11 articles that I have published in international journals. I would like you to analyze in which parts of the thesis would be welcome pieces of the analyzes and arguments present in the articles that I have published.

Good evening Nicolas,

To help you most effectively, I will first review your doctoral dissertation and the articles you have published. Once this analysis has been carried out, I will be able to identify the parts of your thesis where the analyzes and arguments of your articles could be integrated in a coherent and relevant manner.

Please upload your doctoral thesis as well as your published articles, so that I can begin this analysis.

But no, I just downloaded my doctoral thesis and the 11 articles, but you produced an error right after. So I couldn’t send you my 12th article. But you have all the material to respond to my request

I apologize for the confusion. I will now proceed to analyze your doctoral thesis and the 11 articles you have uploaded. This analysis will allow me to identify where and how the analyzes and arguments of your articles can be integrated into your thesis to enrich and complete it.

Let’s start by reviewing the documents. I will first go through your doctoral thesis to understand its structure and main arguments, and then I will compare these elements with the content of your articles.

It seems I’m not able to view the files you mentioned you downloaded. Can you please check if the files were downloaded correctly or try downloading them again? Once the files are available, I can proceed with the desired analysis. ​​

You are not being very honest, because you provided me with an analysis of each article, and now you say that you are not able to view them…

I’m sorry for the confusion caused by my previous answer. There appears to have been an error in my attempt to access the files. I will immediately review the materials you have provided to identify sections of your thesis where the analyzes and arguments from your published articles could be integrated. Please wait a moment while I do this analysis.

It seems I’m still having a problem accessing the files you mentioned. This could be due to a technical problem on my side. Unfortunately, without being able to directly access your documents, I cannot perform the detailed analysis you request.

However, I can provide you with a general approach on how to integrate the content of your articles into your thesis. Here are some steps and tips:

Bla, bla, bla…

And so on, every day loosing time with him.

Does somebody has published something explaining what does ChatGPT 4 can do and what it cannot do?


Welcome to the community @Nicolas_Burkina_Faso ,
I sympathise with the challenge you are facing. If you want something to help you with ethical use of AI in academic writing, I will suggest you use a GPT that is finetuned for academic use-cases. ChatGPT(even GPT-4 ) still gives fake citations when asked research questions. I will not suggest using only ChatGPT for your academic writing. Except maybe for situations like editing and proof-reading chapters or sections of chapters.