Exercise 1: ExampleGen Fill out the code below to ingest the data from the CSV file stored in the _data_root directory

Dear learner,

I would like any one of here to help me with this issues when I have run code Exercise 1: ExampleGenas below and I got error like RuntimeError: Files in same split ./data/* have different header.
from this coding : context.run(example_gen)


Instantiate ExampleGen with the input CSV dataset

example_gen = CsvExampleGen(input_base=_data_root)

Run the component using the InteractiveContext instance



Hi @Chanthaleex
Please go to the FIle item in the menubar and select open

You should have access to the folders tree as show here below

From there you should be able to clean the pipeline folder.
Please let me know if it worked.

Hi @fabio antonini via DeepLearning.AI ,
I have done as per your suggestion by deleting the pipeline folder and re-create new one as the name pipeline. however, it still same result
as error below

RuntimeError: Files in same split ./data/* have different header.
by flowing my screenshot in which i have flowing all staging and has seen that code error as line ----> 3 example_gen = CsvExampleGen(input_base=_data_filepath)

Best Regards and thank in advance

ເມື່ອ ເສົາ, 22 ມ.ກ. 2022 ເວລາ 22:29 fabio antonini via DeepLearning.AI <dlai@discoursemail.com> ຂຽນວ່າ:

Hello @Chanthaleex
I’m relaunched by myself the lab C2_W2_Lab_2_Feature_Engineering_Pipeline
hosted on Coursera and it worked. Are you running the lab from Colab?
Just to be sure we are on the same page please run the following two statement at the beginning of the lab…I want to double check the TF and TFX versions you are running.

print('TensorFlow version: {}'.format(tf.__version__))
import tfx
print('TFX version: {}'.format(tfx.__version__))

In my case the detected versions are
TensorFlow version: 2.3.1
TFX version: 0.24.0
Of course I’m launching the Coursera hosted notebook
Please let me know yours

Dear Fabioantonini,

I have passed and it worked by deleting the old data folder and re-create, however, I got issues with other code as shown in the screenshot.
I have followed the code line. There shouldn’t be an error in this code line.
Best regards

ເມື່ອ ອາທິດ, 23 ມ.ກ. 2022 ເວລາ 14:37 fabio antonini via DeepLearning.AI <dlai@discoursemail.com> ຂຽນວ່າ: