Files in same split ./data/training/* have different header

I have followed the instructions deleting .ipynb_checkpoints. I have even opened a terminal and checked the directories. No checkpoints.

However, I am still stuck with this error in C2W3_Assignment ,

Instantiate ExampleGen with the input CSV dataset

example_gen = CsvExampleGen(input_base=TRAINING_DIR)

Run the component using the InteractiveContext instance

Hi @rubensmau
I need to better understand the issue.
Are you able to send copies of the different headers?

This may or may not be related to your issue, but you should be pointing your CsvExampleGen to the directory containing your data with some of the features removed:



Hello Chris,

Yes, this solved my problem.


I have the same problem. Could you guide me how to solve it?

Hi Chris. This solves it for me too. Can you explain a little why having more features would cause the header error?