Exercise 6 - update_parameters_with_adam

Hello, I am having this weird error, the update_parameters_with_adam_test(update_parameters_with_adam) funtion return AssertionError: Wrong values. Check you formulas for v_corrected[‘dW1’], I guess it should be something wrong with my v_corrected implementation, but this is my output
Screenshot 2021-08-13 090549

and this is the expected output

as you can see, only the values ending in ‘1’ like b1 and W1 are wrong, what could be the reason for that?
this is my implementation of the code (feel free to moderate this part)

[[code deleted]]

Hi @LuckyLolo123 , you do not seem to use the input parameter t for the calculation of s corrected. That might explain the error.

Thank, that worked for me