Exercise 7 - preprocess_data is failing

Hi Moderator,
I got the expected outcome, but the test is failing, please help.

Hi @Arjun_Palusa

The test case tells you to check the way you are using the unknown_token="<unk>".

So please make sure that you use the variable unknown_token in your code instead of "<unk>" or similar.

Good luck!

Hi Mentor,
I checked the code again, but all places the same variable unknown_token is used in the code.

You can private message me with your notebook attached and I can try to help.

If you found the solution to this, could you share it cause I have the exact same problem

Hi @Arjun_Palusa

Inside the function preprocess_data when you call replace_oov_words_by_unk(..) function you do not use the variable unknown_token. This function needs this variable so please use it.

Hi @Filippos_Moumtzidell

Maybe the same applies to your problem too?



Please remove your code from this thread because it’s against the rules.

@Mubsi , after following the threads, I still face issue in passing Exercise 7. Also, for Exercise 10, I am passing 2 and failing 2 . Please help in this. Urgent help in this regard will be really appreciated. Thanks. My lab id is ysvqjyqfllbn

Hi @Riddhima_Sobti

If you still haven’t resolved the issue, you can private message me your Assignment notebook.

Hi @Riddhima_Sobti,

  • For your Ex 7, you are not passing in the unknown_token parameter.

  • In your Ex 10, please double check the parameters you are passing in for probability



you can pass the parameter like unknown_token = unknown_token. it will solve your issue