Failed testcases for w3_unittest.test_preprocess_data(preprocess_data)

I have 3 failed testcases for # Test your function w3_unittest.test_preprocess_data(preprocess_data). May I know why ?

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@user342 Your post is 8 days old. I don’t know if your issue is resolved. If not then also pass unknown_token while calling replace_oov_words_by_unk. Probably the test procedure is calling preprocess_data with a different unknown_token.

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I have used your suggestion as below, but it is not helping with the test procedure.

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@user342 Just use unknown_token in place of unknown_token=""


I am facing a similar issue, I have tried passing unknown_token while calling replace_oov_words_by_unk Please help me.

vocabulary = get_words_with_nplus_frequency(train_data,count_threshold)

# For the train data, replace less common words with "<unk>"
train_data_replaced = replace_oov_words_by_unk(train_data,vocabulary,unknown_token="")

# For the test data, replace less common words with "<unk>"
test_data_replaced = replace_oov_words_by_unk(test_data,vocabulary,unknown_token="")

Replace unknown_token="" with either unknown_token or unknown_token=unknown_token.