Extra Question related to Further Studies in ML / DL / Data Mining

Hello, I am a Postgraduate student, I will work on Data Mining for my thesis. I am planning to take extra course at school to enrich my knowledge in maths. I only have 1 quota, but there is 2 options: Probability & Linear algebra. I don’t have very tough math background. As for Data Mining researches, which course is better for me to enroll? Thanks.

You really need both.

Yes, I know I need both of them, but I can only take one for each semester. So, I would like to take the important one in coming semester… Do you have any suggestion on how to choose one of them? Thanks.

If you plan to use large sets of data, you will need to understand probability.

oh… i see, that’s quite important!!! ummm… i will think about it, thanks