Finished the course but cannot see it in accomplishments

I’ve finished the course and a few others like prompt engineering, diffusion models, and build systems with chatgpt api.
But now I find that my accomplishments page is empty.
Did it happen to anyone else?


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What “Accomplishments” page are you referring to?

Hi @enchyisle,

The courses you mentioned are our old short courses, and the “accomplishment” was rolled out only recently.

Another possibility is, do you have multiple accounts on the platform ?

Please confirm.


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Hello, I mean this one on the home page.

Thanks Mubsi for your reply.
I checked my other email addresses. They are not registered.
I suppose this account is the one I used before.

Does it mean that the old short courses are gone before the “accomplishment” roll out, so that the records are also gone?

Best regards,

Hi @enchyisle,

I admit that it is not the most convenient solution, but for any course you completed before the accomplishments got rolled out, you’d have to rewatch the videos again for it to appear there.


Thanks Mubsi. Good to know the reason behind it. :wink:

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