Forgetting architecture suggestions

Subject: Proposal for a Revolutionary Algorithm: Forgetting Architecture

Dear [Professore who working for futuregenerations],

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to share a revolutionary idea for an algorithm that I believe has significant potential to advance the field of artificial intelligence and improve human-computer interactions.

Concept Overview: Forgetting Architecture

The core idea of the “Forgetting Architecture” is to streamline the process of understanding and responding to user commands by focusing only on the essential parts. Here is how it works:

  1. Initial Simplification: When a command is given, the algorithm strips it down to its most basic and essential components, discarding any superfluous information.
  2. Detailed Analysis: These essential components are then analyzed in detail to extract their true meaning.
  3. Categorization: The analyzed components are categorized into major sections for further processing.
  4. Transformer Architecture Integration: Using a transformer architecture, the algorithm processes these components to generate an appropriate response.
  5. Softmax Output: The final step involves utilizing a softmax function to determine the most suitable response.


This idea is inspired by the way we read books, focusing on the core content and discarding the rest. Moreover, the concept draws from how mothers intuitively understand their babies’ babbling. By collecting and analyzing babbling data from children aged 1 to 3, we can develop a process that interprets these sounds into meaningful outputs, aiding parents in understanding their babies’ needs.

Potential Impact

The Forgetting Architecture can simplify computer programming and make it accessible even to those who do not speak conventional languages. It could also provide a universal method of communication, enabling individuals who rely on non-verbal cues to interact effectively with computers.

Practical Application: Socks Design

I also have a practical application idea inspired by natural observation. By making the area around the Achilles tendon in socks thicker while keeping the rest of the sock thin, we can provide better protection and comfort. This idea draws from how tigers avoid snake bites by covering their legs in mud, which could be adapted into modern sock design for better Achilles tendon protection.

Collaboration and Next Steps

I am not motivated by fame or money, but by a genuine desire to improve communication and understanding among people. My ultimate goal is to establish a kindergarten that fosters early childhood development. I believe this project can generate the necessary funding and impact to achieve this goal.

I would be honored to collaborate with you and your team on this project. I am confident that together, we can bring this innovative idea to fruition and make a significant contribution to the field.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I look forward to the possibility of working together.

Best regards,