Frustration with Coursera's Machine Learning Labs Access

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to share a frustrating experience I’ve had with Coursera, particularly with Dr. Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning courses. Last year, I decided to invest in my learning journey by enrolling in these excellent courses, paying nearly $50 per month for five months. My main goal was to learn and apply machine learning through coding labs, which seemed promising.

The surprise came when I finished all three courses in the Machine Learning Specialization. I was excited to revisit the labs and brush up on the coding assignments I had completed earlier. But guess what? My access to the labs was revoked. I could only watch videos; I couldn’t access the coding assignments.

I’m sure many of you can relate to the frustration of losing access to content you’ve paid for. It feels absurd that once the courses are completed, all the work you’ve done just disappears, leaving you with only the free/limited content. To make matters worse, there was no prior warning about access revocation when I initially signed up for the courses.

I tried reaching out to Coursera’s support, but it seems I’m stuck in a loop with generic, robotic responses.

So, here I am, sharing this on the official partner forum for these courses. I hope that by posting here, we can collectively raise awareness about this issue and maybe catch Coursera’s attention. I believe there should be a more transparent and supportive experience for paying students.

Has anyone else faced a similar problem or has some insight on how to get this resolved? Your input and support would be greatly appreciated.


Perhaps you missed this item in the MLS course FAQ here in the community forum:

I can see that’s in the FAQ section, not when i sign up and paid for the courses. Anyway is there any chance i can request to re-access the labs, so i can make a backup?

Hi Saf. Sorry to hear that. We’re actually in the middle of putting reminders in our courses to let learners know about Coursera’s policy. We also reached out to Coursera so they can also make it more visible when learners enroll.

May I know the support channels you’ve reached out to? Have you tried the chat and email option here? Some learners were able to get an extension through those. Also, when did you complete the specialization? Were the labs locked immediately or after your billing expired?

I’m only starting the course, but I find it easier to download the Jupyter files and run them on Jupyter notebook on my own machine. That way, I don’t even have to be online. Maybe you can pay one more time, download the labs, and run them on your own Juypter instance.

I searched for Email support and I couldn’t find one. I’ll try the contact form you provided me.
I completed the specialization, but I did revisit the labs only after 2 months-ish thinking I still have full access.
Thanks for your help.

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From the page that Chris linked:

i reached out to them through the contact form.
Thank you.

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Oh I see. Two months might be a long time, but hopefully, your work is still there. We just published a note to warn learners about this policy. Hope Coursera will also have something similar in their welcoming messages.