General question about project

There are instructions on the DLS FAQ Thread about how to download all the files required for the assignments. Once you have them downloaded (or have created your own datasets), you have several alternatives:

  1. You can install all the software to run python, TF, the various libraries and utilities plus Jupyter Notebooks on your own computer. There are no official instructions for that but there are some useful threads on the forums like this one and this one to get you started.
  2. There are online environments for running Jupyter Notebooks. One that I have some small experience with is Google Colab. It works quite well and even gives you access to GPUs for running training even if you’re using it in “free” mode. The only caveat is that unless you pay for access, you may have to wait to run on a GPU until there are resources available and there are some limits on how long you can run your training uninterrupted. You’ll have to make some changes to the notebooks to get them to work on Colab, e.g. to access ancillary files like the python utility files and data files, you need to load them on your Google Drive and modify the logic that accesses the files.

With either the “install and run local” approach or the Google Colab approach, please go into this with the attitude that you are learning your own skills as you go for how to get things to work in that environment. It’s fine to ask for help here, but please realize that the mentors are (unpaid) volunteers and are here to answer questions specific to the course material. It’s not our job to be your unpaid IT support staff for your personal projects. So it’s fine to ask questions and maybe you get lucky and someone answers, but there is no guarantee. But the other side of that coin is that this is a community and you can also share things that you learn and help others and make contacts with other people doing similar things.