Running notebooks locally

I am trying to run the assignment from C1W4 (Deep Neural Network - Application) locally but am getting an error on the import:

No module named ‘dnn_app_utils_v3’

For the step by step file I found a thread here that linked to a colab file that was very useful. I can’t seem to find the same for the application file. Does anyone happen to know where it is?
Thank you!

You need to download all the files associated with the notebooks. You also need to worry about getting compatible versions of all the support packages. There is an easy way to do the download, which is documented on the DLS FAQ Thread.

Thank you! It says now that the item is locked because the schedule ended. I am on course 2 now, but still have a paid account so I’m not sure why. I saw there was a colab notebook for the first part of the week 4 assignment. I am looking for the application one now.

I don’t really know how the various kinds of paid accounts work, so all I can suggest is to try to reset the schedule for Course 1. If that doesn’t help, you can try contacting Coursera Help (small blue square ? lower right on any of the course pages).