Week 3 Prog. Assignment - Notebook won't load

I completed the Week 3 programming assignment, but it did not appear to submit correctly. Now when I try to load it, the notebook fails to load (with no error message or anything).

I am hoping this is a freak thing that will fix itself. But are there troubleshooting steps I can take?


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It sounds like maybe temporary bad weather “in the cloud”, but it’s possible that you put an infinite loop in the code such that the memory footprint of the notebook has grown to some huge size. The first suggestion is just to wait a bit and try again. Maybe open one of the other notebooks that you’ve already completed, e.g. Week 2 Logistic Regression and see if that opens successfully. You can also resubmit that one just to make sure the grader is working. You can resubmit as often as you like.

My notebook ended up getting bloated up to ~250mb. I think this happened because I put a print(X) statement inside of my forward_propagation function (bad idea).

FWIW, the “Refresh your Lab Workspace” section from this common problems article helped me get this resolved:

I have a similar issue and I have been on Coursera over a month reading several comments on how to solve it. Unfortunately I couldn’t till now. Please can you add a link that directly relates to this problem on Discourse? I have been on this issue for over a month and even tried running on a server. The situation never changed. I have read many comments from others both on Coursera and Discourse. It is really tiring as I am unable to move forward. I have three months subscription and still on first course after six weeks.

Hi, Eric.

Glad to hear you found the solution. Yes, the large memory footprint can cause lots of problems. Thanks for the link to that Coursera Help article. Most of the instructions there are applicable to the DLS notebooks, but there are a few details in which their instructions are not sufficiently general. E.g. the “tar” commands they show for getting all the files in the workspace are missing the “h” option to chase symlinks, so they won’t work for some of our assignments. But that’s not relevant to your particular issue fortunately. BTW our local FAQ Thread also has a topic about how to use Lab Help to do the Get Latest Version.

Hi, Omisore.

If your problem is the same “large memory footprint” problem that Eric was having, check the “Get a Fresh Copy” topic on our local FAQ Thread. That’s a quicker way to get the info than plowing through all the topics on Coursera Help.