Programming Assignment: Planar Data Classification with One Hidden Layer Not Loading

For week 3 programming assignment of neural networks and deep learning course, after clicking work in browser, it says “preparing your lab, gathering all the files for your assignment…” and gets to 50% loaded, then completely fails and says failed to fetch, " We’re having trouble preparing your lab. Also not working for any of my other programming assignments.
Hit refresh to try again and make sure you’re logged into Coursera". Am unable to click “navigate / grades / lab files / help” buttons at top of page. Cannot go to another notebook or root. I have already tried clearing cookies and using incognito window. Is anybody else having the same issue?

Maybe this thread will help you. Let us know if it doesn’t…

PS: “Try logout, restart, and login back”

PPS: “Have you subscribed to the specialization? If not, one possibility is that you just started and you were within the 7 day free trial up to yesterday, but it has now expired. The assignments are behind the paywall, but they give you 7 days free at the very beginning to try them out.”

Thank you! CORS chrome plugin did not work, tried safari, didn’t work, am unable to load coursera help center (weird, have already tried logging out and logging back in) . Also, I am unable to load my VPN for some reason.

Nevermind, restarting my computer fixed the problem, thank you!

Glad to know that…~~~