#Week 03 Problem with loading / submitting already-coded-and-passing Programming Assignment: Planar Data Classification with One Hidden Layer


I finished this assignment - got all passed - submitted it and it hung. I can’t seem to load the lab anymore. Tried everything. I keep getting load error. And, I can’t seem to find my code anymore. I suspect I left some of the print() statemetns in there. Please help unblock.

I have finished the entire course - the submission of this one completed assignment is pending and I can’t seem to load it now.


PS1: The link is Coursera | Online Courses & Credentials From Top Educators. Join for Free | Coursera

PS2: This seems like the same problem as this topic - #Week 03 Problem with grading Programming Assignment: Planar Data Classification with One Hidden Layer

Please post a screen capture image of what happens when you try to open the notebook page in the course.

See the 3 screenshots attached:

  1. The screen doesn’t show any code - it is blank -
  2. After some time (3 minutes or so?), the Chrome window errors out
  3. Interestingly, all my other Coursera tabs error out at the same time - even ones where there are other labs without issues or ones where there is Coursera content

Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 7.45.32 PM

I just loaded that assignment. It worked fine.

I think you have a security setting that is preventing the page from loading. Maybe check your firewall and see if the URL has been blocked.

all my other Coursera tabs error out at the same time

I think this confirms that the issue is local to your computer or internet connection.


Here are some additional data points:
(1) I am not sure if this is a security setting or firewall issue. After hitting the problem, I was able to finish and submit all assignments of Week #4. This is the only assignment left to complete the course.
(2) I am able to start and do other courses from Coursera and DeepLearning.AI - on the same computer, same browser on a different tab.
(3) I rebooted. I cleaned browser cache and restarted things and retried - didn’t help
(4) I also tried Safari - with the same results - it got a bit farther but didn’t really completely load things successfully. Keeps failing

It’s been a few days and so this hasn’t quite resolved it by itself. Any thoughts on how to get resolved?


PS: See screenshots from Safari attached:

Sorry, I don’t have any definite strategy for this.

Except, Safari tends to struggle with Coursera’s content. Chrome or Firefox seem to be more reliable.

Thanks TMosh for the pointers so far. I will try from another computer and another network to see if that makes a difference.

If none of the above works and the problem doesn’t automatically resolve itself in a few days, are there escalations paths to DeepLearning.AI Technical Support that can help? Can you share any other pointers? I suspect this is a DeepLearning.AI or Coursera backend problem.

PS: I have also flagged this to Coursera support.

Give it maybe 12 hours, we will see if any other students report an issue, or whether it resolves itself.

If not please post back soon, and we can get the DLAI staff involved.

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I’m just checking back for your status report. Any news?

I tried it in a new network - both browsers - same results. Unable to get past this error - same symptoms.

Please help escalate this to DLAI staff. Thanks and much appreciated!

I’ve asked one of the course staff to assist.

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Hi @GP1,

As suspected, whatever your solution is, or whatever code you have used is increasing the memory of the notebook so much that it not only hinders it in opening, but makes it difficult to grade. Look at the screenshot from your workspace. Your notebook memory is 206 MBs !

You need to write efficient solution, by following all of the instructions provided in the notebook. I’ll DM you with further steps.


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Thank you Mubsi - your steps helped resolve my issue and I was able to submit and complete this course. Much appreciated!

Thank you TMosh for the assist and redirect!


PS: I believe I ended up have extra print() statements in the final portion of the assignment - which likely caused this issue. These were introduced for debugging and validating some of my assumptions but accidentally were left uncommented when submitting originally. So it is critical to not miss this instruction in the programming assignments:

Before submitting your assignment to the AutoGrader, please make sure you are not doing the following:

  1. You have not added any extra print statement(s) in the assignment.