W3_A1_Lab page either not loading or not visible

Please help fix bug preventing me from accessing Week 3 Lab with file titled “/notebooks/release/W3A1/Planar_data_classification_with_one_hidden_layer.ipynb”. Been trying to access without success for 3 days. The screen is just blank under the “Navigate” bar.

Maybe, try opening the page under the incognito mode of your browser. If that works, it means that you just have to clear some browser’s cache and/or cookies. I hope this helps.

Hi Folami,

Welcome again!

Yes, I just checked it and it’s also not showing up in my notebook.

@Mubsi could you please check in what’s the matter as log in into a fresh browser isn’t resolving the issue. Thanks in advance!

Hi @folami_Bidmus,

Make sure you are logged into Coursera. It can automatically log out after some time. And I have to ask, do you remember changing the name of the assignment file ?


Hi @Rashmi,

I’m able to open it on my end.

Hello Mubsi,

Yes, log in into the Coursera account again resolved the matter. Thanks for your suggestions!

Hi Folks,
So it seems to be working now, opened the page in incognito browser mode as suggested by @SoupIsarangkoon . Hopefully this resolves issue.