Lab isn't loading assignments

As per Coursera Help Center, I tried using different browsers and networks and it still won’t fix the issue. Also tried rebooting, updating to the latest version and using the old version. None of them work.

Path to notebook: /notebooks/release/W3A1/Planar_data_classification_with_one_hidden_layer.ipynb

Lab ID: dtflymfzgkji

Assignment 1 in Week 3.

Hi @Taven ,

I have no problem in loading the assignment. Where are you based?

I am in India. I am having the same problem today. The only difference is that the lab is not loading at all. I am seeing the following on the status bar of the browsers at the bottom left hand corner of the browser window: “Waiting for”. The page is just hung. This is happening for the past 4 hours.

I have paid for the course and the “Submit Assignment” button does appear on the top center of the web-page.

Can someone fix the lab code and extend the deadline for me so that I can finish the assignment? Thanks.

I have tried to:

  1. close the browser and reopen the browser and the lab: did not work.
  2. used two different browsers (Chrome and Edge): did not work.

Hi @kapaleev ,

I have reported this to a staff member. Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.

hi @Kic

Thanks. It just got resolved. The grading software back-end was a bit non-deterministic – I submitted the same code multiple times and finally the grading software accepted the assignment code as valid. The code verified properly on my browser.

I have completed the assignment for this week. No problem from my side now for this week.


That’s good news. One more thing to say here is not to worry about the deadlines. There is no penalty for missing them and they just automatically reset. So don’t stress about that as you go forward here.

hey i got the same problem.
can you say me how to resolve it.

It’s working now. Thanks.

Hello Sai Vamsi,

Is your issue resolved? Please let us know. Thanks.