Programming Notebook of Week 2 is not Loading/Opening

When I clicked the button “Work in Browser”, it opens another tab for the lab. But, the lab is not loaded even I wait for several minutes.
I have checked my internet connection, it’s totally fine. I’ve posted the page screen shot below.

Hu @susant. sorry to hear that. Please take into account that sometimes short outages can happen because to many users are using them or for other reasons. Coursera cannot plan for the maximum capacity if all the users decided at once to use the notebooks, so some sort of overbooking can happen.

If it still not fixed in the meantime, do let us know the details (time, operating system, browsertype, etc) so the technical coursera staff can look into it,
regards Stephanus

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Thank you so much for instructing and mentoring!!
It is not opening yet. By the way, all other weeks assignments are opening and working well. The problem remains on only week 2, both assignments are not loading.
I’m from Nepal with OS Windows 10 on Dell Laptop, and using coursera on Google Chrome

Ok @susant noted. @Mubsi, is this something that you have seen with other students, i.e. only assignments of DLS course 1 week 2 not loading?

Hey @susant , can you confirm by trying again ? Thanks.
I tried, and they both opened. I’m hoping what you were facing was only temporary.

Hey @sjfischer, thank you for bringing my attention to this.
I haven’t come across this anywhere else, so I’m hoping it was only a temporary thing.

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No, it has not been fixed yet. I’m trying to open both assignments but are not being opened yet.

Hey @susant , I’m afraid this is something out of our jurisdiction. You’d have to talk to How to contact Coursera – Coursera Help Center about it.

I’d advise to save all your existing work on your local machine before reaching out to them.


Over the years, I have seen this type of problem before. It’s not common, but it does happen a few times per month. It could be an “IT” problem. Every person’s network connection is different: e.g. if they are on a work or school network, there are sometimes proxies or firewalls that have rules blocking certain types of URLs. Browser “popup” blockers, ad blockers and AntiVirus software on the local computer can also interfere. ISPs sometimes have restrictions as well, although those tend to be more on things like limiting download sizes and the like. And then there is The Great Firewall in the PRC, although that is obviously not in play here.

Slowness to load can also happen on a notebook where it’s possible to run the training for a long time and generate a really large memory image, although that is unlikely here in Course 1. In Courses 4 and 5, that can be an issue. The cure there is a bit complicated though, because you need the notebook to load before you can do “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output”.

But if the problem is proxies, firewall, ad blockers or AV software, then you’d expect it to affect all assignments, not just the ones in Week 2. One experiment is to try to access the course from a different network, e.g. a public WiFi net, and see if that makes any difference.


I’m using Home Network. Had tried from different networks, even from mobile data still not loading.

I’ve completed all week’s quizzes, assignments except that of week 2. Will they be cleaned?

They might. Which is why the the recommendation to save your work before asking for help from Coursera.

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Interesting. Well, that eliminates the theory that it is some software in the LAN or Internet, but does not eliminate the browser or local AV software. All this is just browser based, so you could do it on a completely different computer using a different browser.


No, not any effects. It’s not opening yet. I’m afraid the deadline is very soon

Well, don’t worry about the deadlines. They are fake in the sense that there is no penalty for missing them. They just “auto-reset”. Well, the only penalty is that if it takes you more time to complete the course then you may end up paying for more month’s of the subscription. Hmmm, I wonder if this is actually just a business strategy for Coursera? :face_with_monocle:

But on a more serious note, I don’t know what else to suggest. You can try contacting the Coursera Help Center (Mubsi gave you the link earlier) and ask them to do the “unenroll” and “re-enroll” strategy. Also please don’t ignore Mubsi’s warning to save your work before you do that.

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@Mubsi @paulinpaloalto @sjfischer
Thank you so much, guys!!!.
I’ve contacted Coursera Help Centre and they instructed me in clearing cookies and cache files. After clearing, the assignments opened and ran just fine. I’m so pleased with the efforts and help by the family of “”. Hats off


That’s great news that they were able to give you a solution for this! And it’s also easier and safer than the “unenroll” method. It’s also maybe the first time I’ve ever heard the “toss your cookies” method actually work, so I guess there’s a first time for everything. We all learned something out of the process, so thanks for confirming your solution! :nerd_face: