Can't access week 3 assignment because of memory issues

I finished the programming assignment for week 3 but, while doing the bonus task, I accidentally ran it while having a print statement for the inputs in one of the helper functions. Because of this, the notebook started printing out absurd amounts of data to the console/browser and crashed the tab. It seems like the results managed to get autosaved so that now, whenever I try to open the assignment, it tries to load that output and crashes again. I can’t reset the kernel because the page is never actually interactive, it freezes as soon as I open it. This is the last task I have in the course and I can’t finish it. I’m fine with discarding my progress and starting again but I don’t know how to do even that.

Hi @Marko_Petric,

There’s an article just before the first assignment of the course (in week 2) called “How to refresh your workspace”. Use the second option. That should help you out.


Thanks for responding on this thread, @Mubsi! I’ve been talking to Marko about this over on the Coursera Forums and pointed him to Discourse so that we could ask for your help. I don’t think your solution will help: he doesn’t have a way to do the “rename” first, right? Because he can’t open the notebook and because it’s Week 3 (only one assignment in the Docker image), there’s not an alternate path to get to the file system. And even if he does succeed in getting a fresh copy, he still does not have a way to open the damaged notebook that contains his work. He’d have to start over and reimplement everything. What I was hoping is that you would have some super power to open the notebook with the huge memory footprint and do the “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output” for him to make that notebook usable again. Do you know of a way to do that?

Hmm, that’s interesting.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that super power @paulinpaloalto. And I believe, his work is probably lost. I’m not sure. Can you share some screenshots with me @Marko_Petric, so that I’m better able to get the picture of what’s happening ? That would be helpful.


I gave up on trying to retreive my work, it doesn’t take very long to do anyway now that I’ve done it once already. Using the instructions in week 2 I did manage to open the folder with the files and I renamed the old file then fetched the latest version which got me a blank file to start over with. Now I’m working on that one and am almost done so thanks.