Geoffrey Hinton interview published today

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Hi @ai_curious hope is all well over there.

I came to know about this interview too a few days ago and this is a subject that always attracts my attention.

Now he thinks that machines can take over, this is his basic fear of the future. This is the danger of any technology but AI seems to be more powerful than previous because it can learn a lot about the world. But it can learn a lot about the past only, it doesn’t have intelligence in its own to make a now-here judgement and it will never have it because it doesn’t have a life force which is in coherence with existence, it doesn’t have a heart which can be synchronized to existences heart’s beating. To me artificial intelligence is like an artificial flower, basically its not a flower.

The dangers though are present because people live in the past and that’s where the AI takes the information and can spread it faster and more efficiently than humans, and it becomes credible to people because they live in the past.

To avoid the dangers of any technology we need an integral education to teach people how to become creative but not ambitious towards each other, to teach them how to be healthy and how to achieve happiness in their life and finally to teach about life itself. Only in this way we can avoid the dangers of AI or any technology that can be used to bake or to burn the house.

I wish he would go into Public Service. Our law makers need wisdom and guidance in this area.

Given an AI that is capable of taking real-world actions via the internet, a lot of novel and potentially troubling issues arise.

For those that can’t read the article: