Get AttributeError In zombie detector week 2

this error say ‘ImageFont’ object has no attribute ‘getbbox’, is it because we use the different ver of pil? wich version is suitable with this assignment?

Maybe you should try reset the assignment.

Having the same issue here with the getbbox

Hi @chris.favila would you carr to have a look on this, I am not sure if its an issue on this library or not because I am not able to run this assignment for the moment.

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Hi everyone! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. There is indeed a problem with the Pillow version. We’ll push an update within the next hour that uses v9.5.0 . Just doing some tests. Thanks!


Hello again! The fix is now published. Kindly re-open the lab from the classroom to see the changes. Thank you!


Hi @chris.favila
FWIW, the same error occurs on the last cell in C3_W3_Lab_3_Mask-RCNN-ImageSegmentation.ipynb