Getting Grasp on Coding

How one can get full grasp on coding used in this specialization by understanding each and every syntax and coding line in the labs?
Are there any useful suggestions to learn particular coding material or schemes to have full grasp over coding section?

Frankly speaking, I still don’t understand each and every line of code and am not Python expert. Just learn the basics of Python and start exploring the labs. Don’t wait to become an expert of Python and then start ML course. You will learn more as you go through.

However, if you still want to understand each and every line, copy and paste the code to ChatGPT and ask it to explain that.

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Here is a recent thread on a similar topic which could be interesting for you to check out, @Farrukh_Israr: No coding experience - how to get started - #6 by Christian_Simonis

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Hi @Farrukh_Israr

In my early learning i use to study with the freecodecamp platform. It is a great resource.

They got a excellent Python Path:

And also a free video course on YouTube

I hope this help

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Hello @ elirod. Much Appreciated. Definitely I will look into that.


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