Given 100 examples, generate 1 more?

Hi everyone!

I am currently taking the “LangChain Chat with Your Data” course and I am attempting to figure out if, once I load my data, I can have my chatbot generate similar data (based on my examples that I provide it)

Specifically, I am looking to load 100 word documents that contain the following:

Summary of Action

  • between 1-2 pages on a word document
  • describes why an individual deserves an award
  • less consistent sentence structure between examples


  • 1250 characters (with spaces)
  • Cookie cutter first and last sentence
  • very consistent sentence structure and style from each example

Once loaded, I would like to be able to enter new key data points and have the chatbot generate an example Summary of Action and Citation.

Is using Langchain the best way to accomplish this or is there some other method (i.e. finetuning a different LLM) that would be more appropriate?

Thanks for any help / suggestions!

** also,

I have lots of questions like this… :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there were any ways this community connected curious yet novice individuals like me with a paid tutor?

Dear @peanut,

Best method depends on your requirement.

Slice down your problem in part and then post in the community.