Text summarization

I have a large number of PDF documents. I want to perform text summarization on these PDF documents. Could you please suggest which model I should use?
the input sequence length is 9030.

You should try and follow the LangChain free courses here they deal with this issue as far as I remember.

Hi @Ashutosh8,

As @gent.spah recommended, you can take a look at our short courses which talk about this.

Hi Mubsi , gent ,
Thanks for ur reply .
could u pls share which course i need to focus .

I’m not sure which covers this. @gent.spah, would you have an idea ?

The first or the second langchain courses released i think they cover this point, i cant remember the exact name now but @Ashutosh8 trt to read what they cover, the course name should have LangChain part of its title though.

Thanks @gent.spah !

@Ashutosh8, the courses are listed in the hierarchy as they were released. The top one being the oldest release and the bottom one as the latest release. This should help you identify the first two courses of LangChain (they’ll have LangChain in their name)

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