Good way to run notebooks locally?

I’ve just started on the healthcare specialization and I’mm really enjoying it. The only problem I’m having is that I don’t like the browser based environment. I have all my shortcuts and everything set up in VSCode and it’s a much nicer coding experience.
Is there a good clean way of cloning the .venv and relevant files, to run on a local environment?


I am not familiar with the healthcare specialization, but I’m guessing that the notebooks probably work the same over there as they do in DLS, NLP and GANS. There are not complete instructions for running the notebooks locally, but here’s a thread from a DLS student that includes a lot of information that should get you going. But two obvious caveats with that: 1) it’s non-trivial to execute and 2) the result is that you end up with exactly the same UI that you have when you use the notebooks through the browser. Which is to say that this may not be what you are really looking for. But it will show you how to get the various support routines and data files down to your computer. Then it’s your job to figure out how to access them from VSCode. Also note that you can only access the graders from the course’s web environment.