Jupyter or VS Code for local development?

I downloaded the notebook and images in Week 1 assignment. Can I run these with my local vs code + jupyter plugin? Also, can I get a simple python to do it and adjust it accordingly?

Hi @muthuka,
I tend to run these sort of things on both, but prefer local because of:

  • having to restart many times in colab
  • it’s easier to access files locally
  • i have less fear of exposing these hugging face/openai keys which unlock features that cost $$.

But there can be challenges around running some aspects of models if you run them locally. Then sometimes colab is easier because they have a pretty good default environment e.g.: less pip installs and such.,

There is a caveat running locally if you are on a Windows box (e.g.: 10/11). Many of the models that can be run locally are quantized/optimized for Linux/mac (where mac has always been like a BSD derivative unlike Windows and it’s very odd directory filename conventions and a different set of command line tools).

Anyways, I could go on. But this has been most of my experience. Most importantly, please find many things to smile about!

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