Google Colab

I just started the Data Pipelines with TensorFlow Data Services course and the instructor seems to be using Colab. Can anyone provide some guidance on how to setup Colab? The course seems to presume that we alrerady have Colab setup, but I’ve never used it. I can’t find any Colab instructions within the course.

Internet search result:

@TMosh Thanks Tom. I’ve never used Colab before and I usually avoid Jupyter notebooks at all cost. I just don’t see the benefit of JuPyter notebooks. I certainly can’t use them at work to deploy the machine learning models that I develop. As a result, I use Python scripts to develop all my machine learning / deep learning models.

Notebooks are very handy for course creators, because they don’t have to support a zillion different tool installations on whatever computer and operating system a student has at hand.

Ahhhh. That makes sense.