Grader Timeout Bug? (Week3, Trigger word detection)

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i somehow struggle with the autograder for the assignment of week 3 (trigger word detection). In short, the unit test “insert_audio_clip_test” seems to get stuck. Upon execution, it remains busy until i restart the kernel. I can skip the unit test, of course, which allows me to continue working on the assignment. My code passes all following unit tests, but when i submit my work, the auto-grader times out. I assume this is because of the fauly (?) unit test i was referring to. Has anyone encountered this before?

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I’m not aware of any faults in the unit tests.

Did you happen to add any print() statements to your notebook for debugging? If they output a lot of data, this can bog down the grader and make it time out.

That should not be happening. I don’t know of any issues in that unit test. Maybe there is an issue (like an infinite loop?) in your code.

thanks for your reply. i use a while-loop when applying the is_overlapping function, but considering the comment just above where i have to insert my code (“(…) keep picking new segment_time at random until it doesn’t overlap”), that seems to be okay.

when i print the segments, what i get is that previous_segment is [0, 9999] - but isn’t the randomly picked segment always lying within [0, 9999], i.e., does always overlap?

thanks again for your help!

edit: adding some clunky workaround, i can now pass the unit test (using more than 2 lines as indicated by the comment in the respective cell). now my code passes all unit tests in the notebook, but the grader still times out.

Yes, there is a while-loop in the insert_audio_clip() function.

But it should run at most five iterations, because of the decrementing retry counter.

Did you perhaps delete some of the template code?

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Thank you. It seems i’ve indeed deleted parts of the code - i use google colab to work on the code, as it’s easier to debug there and in the tranfer, sth went wrong. anyway, i started from scratch again and now everything is working fine. thanks so much for your help and have a nice weekend!