Grading Error in Jupyter lab

I’m getting Grader Error in Jupyter lab in Coursera

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If this error still persists its better to reset the Lab to its original state because maybe some file or part of the files has been deleted by mistake!

I tried to reset it but it didn’t work

Really, you reset the Lab and still got the same issue! Maybe @chris.favila can offer some alternative I guess.

Hi. This does not look like a DeepLearning.AI course. If it is, please send us the link where you accessed it. Thanks.

It is not, it is python course

But we are in DeepLearning.AI here, why are you asking questions about other courses here, whats the logic :smiley:

Because I have been trying to solve this problem for a month and I couldn’t
I’m trying to get some help from anywhere

The grader doesn’t know anything about your python course - so it has no idea what to do with your notebook.