Grading issue in process_datas

When I submit my assignment I receive the following message :
Process Data
0/10 points earned
There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details.

However my code is very simple and passes all tests and unit_tests.

{Moderator’s Edit: Solution Code Removed}

I didn’t modify any other line of code.

I get 10/10 for all other exercises, and a total grade of 91%

How can I look at std.err - what can I do to fix this?

Hey @newtechmitch,
Welcome to the community. You have to read the content from file_name, and not from the Shakespeare file, since it is already passed as a parameter to the function. Additionally, just to make sure that your processed text doesn’t have any newline characters, you may use the replace method. I hope this helps.

P.S. - Posting code solutions publicly is strictly against the community guidelines. Please refrain from doing so in the future.


Thank you for your answer Elemento.
You were spot on. I was not using the file_name parameter, but had inlined the file_name given in the text. It now passes at 100%.