Passed UNQ_C1 unit test but earned 0/10 grade for Process data

Not sure why the grader software gave the following for UNQ_C1 GRADED FUNCTION: process_data:


when this is the unit test result for process_data:

Any help would be appreciated…thanks!

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Passing the test cases in the notebook does not guarantee your code is perfect. The grader uses different tests.

Click on the > next to the grader report, and you will see the feedback on what the grader is unhappy about.

Thanks TMosh!

Where can I read the “stderr” referred to here:

I’m using the Couresera-hosted site/platform for the assignment (not locally on my machine).

Again, thanks!

Found reference here on “stderr”: Issue with the grad C2 W1

I was using a text string for the file name, not the variable “filename”.